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Communicating Thermostats

May 2, 2013 | Blog


Communicating Thermostats for my Air Conditioner?

Most people are completely unaware of what technology has done for the heating and air conditioning industry. Many people are looking for a system that simply heats and cools the air somewhat efficiently but others want more and are unaware of what is available. One of the biggest technological breakthroughs in the industry has come from digital communicating thermostats.

What do they do?

High-end systems today have optional digital thermostats that can tell you everything from outdoor weather conditions to how your heating or air conditioning system is performing. They can be adjusted from just about anywhere and some of them will even tell a service professional what is wrong with the system in the case of a breakdown which cuts down on diagnostic and repair time.

How do they work?

Most of them are capable of connecting to your wireless router which makes them internet capable and therefore can be accessed remotely. This allows the user to access them from a computer or smart phone. However, they are wired to the actual heating and cooling equipment. In most cases only two wires are needed because the signal being sent from the thermostat to the equipment is digital and not analog. In most cases, the equipment is also capable of sending signals back to the thermostat. Those signals include equipment type, model, components, and even what problems the components are encountering. This is why they are called “communicating” thermostats.

How can I get one?

Ask your local service professional for some help. Not all systems are capable of handling a communicating thermostat and the wiring of those thermostats can be complicated. Lee’s offers them on multiple systems and a simple, free, in-home consultation is all that would be required to give you all the information you need about getting a communicating thermostat into your home.

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