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The Importance of Thermostat Management

June 18, 2014 | Blog

In Fresno, we know the importance of a working air conditioner. When the summer temperatures ramp up, keeping cool indoors is sometimes the safest option. But the cost of all that cool air can really add up if not managed properly. Where does that management start? With your thermostat, of course! You may see it as a simple remote of sorts or just a box with buttons, but your thermostat is so much more than that.

Do you struggle with outrageous energy bills every summer? You might be the one to blame for it! Even a new home with properly sealed windows, proper insulation and a new HVAC unit can cost you much more than you’d like if you don’t use your thermostat the way it was designed to be used. Most people simply adjust the temperature each time they feel the need. Whether this means making it colder after a run or warmer for your morning shower, last minute changes to temperature will affect your bills more than your comfort. This is why thermostats make it easy to plan ahead.

Most thermostats installed today are either smart or programmable. They’re ready to save you energy, but it’s up to you to use them to your advantage! If your work schedule has you in and out of the house at the same time every day, program your thermostat accordingly. If you like your house warmer when you wake up, program your thermostat accordingly. Spending a few minutes to program your home’s thermostat could keep you warm in the morning, set the most energy-efficient temperature while you’re away, and cool things down while during your home commute.

Wondering what the best temperature to set during the summer is? You’ll save the most money by keeping your thermostat at or as close as possible to 78 degrees. This efficient temperature may seem a little on the warm side, but switch on your ceiling fans for an instant drop in perceived temperature. The wind chill factor from your fan can make it feel up to five degrees cooler. 73 isn’t so bad, is it?

We hope this has helped convince you to properly use your programmable thermostat. Setting efficient temperatures is just as important to saving energy as the HVAC unit itself. Why buy a high-SEER unit for efficiency if you don’t take all of the proper steps to save energy? If you’ve misplaced your thermostat manual, a quick Google search should give you all of the information you need to get programming.

Have a safe and cool week, Fresno! And remember – call Lee’s Air for all of your air conditioning repair needs.

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