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Do Air Purifiers Work?

October 6, 2015 | Blog

Many Californians struggle with allergies to pets and seasonal allergens like dust, pollen or mold. There are a number of solutions to allergies, but one that is commonly overlooked is the home air purifier.

Putting an air purifier in a room noticeably decreases humidity and can help with congestion and other allergy related symptoms. The air purifier works by removing the unwanted particles causing allergies from the air, thus making it more pure. Air purifiers can even remove tobacco smoke and household products and pesticides from the air in your home.

But how do air purifiers work? According to Energy Star, air purifiers can use three different methods to purify the air.

First, filters are used to capture the particles going through the air. There are HEPA filters and ULPA filters that can be used by air purifiers.

Another method is an electrostatic precipitator. This method uses charged wires to attract the particles from the air.

The third method is an ionizer, often combined with an air filter, that works to charge the particles so that they attach to the filter or another surface.

Air purifiers do work and they work effectively – especially for kids with asthma or severe allergies. If that’s the case in your home, an air purifier is highly recommended.

There are thousands of air purifiers on the market, from small to commercial size capacity. If it is just one child that has problems sleeping with allergies, a small, one room air purifier might get the job done. For an entire household, there are bigger, residential sized purifiers that connect to your household’s air conditioning or heating unit.

Lee’s Air sells a hospital-grade air purifier that can give your house the same clean air you expect in medical facilities. With a maintenance plan, Lee’s air will install your replacement filters for you as well. For all of your air purifier or air conditioning questions, contact Lee’s Air today!

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