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Three Ways to Prevent Allergies in Your Home

March 24, 2017 | Blog

It’s officially spring, and while that means the sun is out later and flowers are in bloom for some, it’s not all good news. As the flowers bloom, many Fresno residents may notice that their allergies are causing them more problems than usual. Here are a few ways to prevent allergy aggravation.

Be proactive
One of the best ways to beat allergy symptoms is to be proactive with your allergy maintenance. Many allergy sufferers are affected briefly after a change in the weather. For others, allergies can develop into worse illnesses like bronchitis and sinus infections. One way to combat this is by checking the pollen and allergy forecasts in your area nightly and in the morning before you leave the house. If you see that the pollen levels are high, then consider taking your allergy medication first thing in the morning, so it’s in your system when you come in contact with it. If your allergies are severe, it never hurts to invest in medical masks to cover your nostrils and mouth when you’re outside. These small but proactive changes can help you avoid unwanted allergy symptoms.

Avoid bringing allergens inside
Even if you are proactive, it will be hard to prevent allergens from making their way into your clothing and shoes. Make a rule for your family, housemates and guests to leave shoes off the carpet if they have worn them outside. Whenever possible, change clothes when you get home and put your used clothes in the washer or laundry basket. Just because you can’t see the pollen, dust or other allergens, it doesn’t mean they aren’t on your clothing. Avoid sitting on your couch, bed, or any other fabric that might absorb pollen and other dust particles while wearing clothes that have been exposed to outside allergens.

If it’s hard for you or your family to consistently avoid bringing in allergens onto your carpet and furniture, make sure that you are changing linens and furniture covers often. Aim to vacuum carpeted areas at least twice a week during times of high pollen counts to help remove lingering allergens. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate arrestance or HEPA Filter, as they are designed to trap the tiniest of particles.

Maintain your air conditioning system
Just like you want a vacuum that can catch allergens, you need a cooling and heating system that can do the same. The average air filter is designed with air quality in mind, not your allergies. In addition to changing your air filter every month, it’s important to have your AC system checked and cleaned regularly. If you suffer from severe allergies and breathing problems, you may benefit from an air purification system like the REME Halo offered at Lee’s Air. If you have questions about your air conditioner’s efficiency or ability to properly filter your air, contact us today! We can perform a full inspection as well as give you tips and advice for maintaining for air conditioning system.

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