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Importance of Slab Leak Repair

June 3, 2019 | Blog

Before we can discuss the importance of slab leak repairs, we need to first explain what this type of leak even means for your home. A slab leak is a leak in the plumbing that’s located in the foundation of your home – thus the word “slab.” Now that you have an idea of what a slab leak is, we want you to know the common symptoms of slab leaks and the importance of getting it repaired.

Damage Caused By Slab Leaks

If a slab leak goes undetected or unrepaired for too long, there is a whole host of devastating consequences that follow. For example:

  • Cracked Foundation: the result of swelling
  • Ruined Flooring: whether you have carpet, hardwood or title, a slab leak can easily waterlog and ruin your home’s flooring.
  • Flooded Yard: Depending on the location and severity of the leak, it is possible that the water seeps through your yard, compromising your landscaping and grass.
  • Odors and Mold: We all know what happens when water goes unnoticed in places where it’s not supposed to be.

All of these damages can be extremely costly. That is why it is important to repair a slab leak as soon as you identify it.

Ways to Tell You have a Slab Leak

Although a slab leak might not be as easy as identifying other plumbing leaks, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, there are several ways to identify signs that your home might have a slab leak. Here are the most common:

  • An unexpected rise in your water bill
  • Internal water damage
  • Increase in mold
  • Water stains on the floor and/or walls
  • The constant sound of dripping and/or running water

If you have the slightest feeling that your home may be suffering from a slab leak, we suggest you call a professional plumber immediately to provide you the answers you need.

Professional plumbers are not only experts when it comes to leak identification but repair services, as well. Lee’s Air and Plumbing services provide you with four different options when it comes to slab leak repair. This way you’re getting the best repair for your leak. Contact Lee’s Air and Plumbing today!

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