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Whole House Generators

Whole House Generators for Your Peace of Mind

Our homes rely on power in every step of our lives – to cool and warm our homes, to give us light, to run our home appliances. For those who work from home, losing power can mean the difference between making or losing your next paycheck. For others, it powers life-saving medical devices.

When sudden weather patterns lead to mass power outages, the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to expect the unexpected. Lee’s Air is pleased to offer a selection of Honeywell home backup generators so you’re never left in the dark.

How do Home Backup Generators Work?

The best part about standby generators is that it does all the work for you. In a power outage, a whole house generator can restore power within seconds and will run as long as it needs to until the main power is restored.

  • A whole-home generator is installed on your property and can automatically detect when a power outage occurs.
  • Upon sensing a lack of power, your backup generator will turn on and begin creating electricity.
  • Your generator will begin sending electricity to your home through your automatic transfer switch until the main power is restored.
  • Once the main power returns, your generator will switch back to standby mode.

Whole House Generators vs. Portable Generators

Portable Generators

  • Installation: As the name suggests, portable generators do not need to be installed. They can be used anywhere. However, you may need to install a transfer switch if you want a portable generator to connect to your entire home.
  • Convenience: Portable generators have to be initiated manually, and you will have to plug it into a transfer switch in order to restore your home’s power. If you don’t already have a transfer switch installed, your portable generator will only be able to power select items that are plugged into itself.
  • Fuel: Portable generators typically use gasoline and must be refueled manually. You will also need to keep extra gasoline (mixed with fuel stabilizer) on hand if power is out for an extended amount of time. You should keep the generator in a well-ventilated area and monitor it regularly. Like a small car,  portable generators give off exhaust fumes and pose a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Cost: Portable generators are a fraction of the cost of a standby generator. If you only need a generator for emergencies and cost is a major consideration, portable is the way to go.

Whole House Generators

  • Installation: Home standby generators are professionally installed onto your home and cannot be moved. You will also need to install a transfer switch to connect power from the generator to the rest of your home.
  • Convenience: Your whole house generator will restore power to your home automatically as if nothing happened. It requires no work from you to do its job besides routine maintenance.
  • Fuel: A whole house generator is fueled by natural gas or propane directly from your home’s gas line. It will never need to be refilled.
  • Cost: Whole house generators cost more than portable generators, but they make up for it in durability and effectiveness. The price of a home generator will depend on the size of the unit and installation considerations for your property. Standby generators are the gold-standard for backup power and can last up to ten years when used for emergencies only, so you get your money’s worth.

Get Your Home Backup Generator From Lee’s Air

Our Honeywell home generator products run on your home’s existing gas line. With WiFi and remote wireless monitoring, you will be able to check the status of your generator anywhere from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Choosing the right generator for your home can be daunting. When you schedule an appointment with Lee’s Air, one of our comfort specialists will assess your backup power needs and recommend the best generator for you. Schedule an in-home assessment today!

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